December 11, 2014
The Skills Tracker interface is designed to allow instructors to confirm lab practice items in real time during a student's lab shift. However, we've heard from some users that these items occasionally pile up. In this scenario, confirming dozens of items on a one-by-one basis can be a hassle. To help alleviate this, we've created a new tool that allows instructors to approve multiple lab practice items.
In a shift with multiple unconfirmed lab practice items, a link to Confirm multiple items will appear in the lower right of the shift. Clicking this link will bring you to a new Confirm Practice Items page that includes all unconfirmed lab practice items. By checking the box next to each item (either one by one, or by using the filter to select All), you can confirm multiple lab practice items in one place. 
Rather than relying on this tool, we encourage you to confirm student practice items as you go. Because the student's performance is fresh in your memory, confirming results right away will yield more accurate data for your records, as well as for future EMS research based on Fisdap data.