Faces of Fisdap: Ben Tape

December 10, 2019


The “Faces of Fisdap” series is an opportunity for friends of Fisdap to get to know the people behind the products and services you know and love. Each article will feature an interview with a Fisdap team member and will provide insight into their role, why they choose to work for Fisdap, and some fun facts about the team member. You won’t want to miss this series! 
This month, we had the chance to speak with Ben Tape.

Ben Tape is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a degree in theater. After graduating, he moved to Minneapolis to perform in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Though Tape thought he may move to Chicago shortly thereafter, he found himself loving the Twin Cities, and decided to make it his home. While continuing his work in theater and the arts, Tape took a role at Walker Arts Center which provided him an avenue into a more support-focused role. This led to his work at Fisdap where he started in early 2015. Since then, Tape has been helping customers learn to use Fisdap! He also tests issues and reports bugs to the Fisdap development team to ensure the platform is running smoothly.

What’s your favorite part of your job here at Fisdap? 

I love riddles and puzzles, so helping users figure out why something is not tracking and problem-solving their issues is one of my favorite parts of working at Fisdap.

What’s something you’ve done that most people haven’t done? 

My friends and I field a weekly trivia team, and while I’m sure many people do that, one thing we have done that many have not is that our success led us to participating in the Tournament of Champions this year! And after binging the ToC Jeopardy episodes on Netflix, as well as countless Sporcle quizzes, we performed admirably, though sadly we did not win.  

Outside of work, what hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

Outside of work, I tend to be a jack of all nerdy trades! I enjoy playing board games and attend a regular board game night with my friends. Recently, much of my free time has been spent playing in several Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, one of which I am the Dungeon Master for. As a subset to that, I build terrain and paint miniatures to make the game really come to life. This past year, I’ve jumped head-first into the world of 3D-printing and have even designed a few simple models using 3D-modeling software, which I’ve then printed. I see myself as a Hufflepuff, but the quiz I took tells me I’m a Gryffindor. I’m also a cat-dad to three goofballs name Douglas, Oswald, and Bernard!

Stay tuned for the next “Faces of Fisdap” feature!


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