Fisdap Exam Proctoring Update

March 26, 2020

Dear Fisdap Instructor,

First and foremost, we hope you and yours are well and remain well. We continue to monitor the challenges caused by COVID-19 and we’re working to adapt our policies to help better serve the needs of you and your students at this challenging time. Until further notice, we suggest the following measures:

  • We strongly recommend that upcoming exams be rescheduled until they can be safely administered and proctored in person.
  • If you are unable to reschedule an exam, Fisdap has approved your use of the following professional proctoring online tools with Fisdap assessments*:
    • Proctorio (Discounts available — Contact to learn more.)
    • ProctorU Live +
      *Please note that these companies are experiencing high volume at this time, so please plan accordingly. As this is not a service Fisdap provides, you will need to make arrangements directly with each of these proctoring vendors for your use of their services. While we recommend these alternative proctoring methods, Fisdap assumes no obligation for the delivery of any third party services.

Thank you for working with us to maintain Fisdap's exam security through this unprecedented time. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your options and our requirements, please reach out to cmorley [at] fisdap [dot] net (Christina Morley).

We will continue to monitor this evolving situation and will send you updates as necessary. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) websites provide practical information and essential updates.

Thank you for all that you do to help keep our communities safe, and please keep yourself safe as well.  

Take care,  


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