July 27, 2015

The NREMT's official website has been updated with the newest versions of the Paramedic Psychomotor Compentency Portfolio skillsheets. These skillsheets are now available in Fisdap. 

Any user with Edit Program Settings permission can set your program to use these new skillsheets in Lab Skills.

How to activate the most recent skillsheets for your program: 

  1. Click the orange Account tab.
  2. Under the Program Settings section, click Skills Tracker.
  3. From there, click 2) Lab Skills. Look for the link at the bottom of the page that reads "Update NREMT skillsheets to most recent version."
  4. Click the link, and wait a few seconds. This will replace any existing NREMT Mk2 or PPCP skillsheets with the newest PPCP sheets.

For more information about what has changed in the new version of the PPCP, check out this blog post.