Now Live: New Features and Fixes [8.24.2020]

August 24, 2020

In our quest to provide innovative and useful solutions to the EMS community, our developers have been working to implement your feedback. We are excited to announce new updates for Appendix G, the Graduation Requirements Report, Preceptor Training, and more!

The following features and fixes are now live:

  • Appendix G: Table 1
    • Observed Med Admins were tracking previously in Table 1. Now, only performed Med Admins will count for credit.
    • Live lab patients are no longer tracked for credit in Table 1. 
    • GI Bleed impression will count as credit under the Shock line item in the Medical category.
    • The assigned student's Capstone Date will dictate the number of Team Leads in Table 1.
  • Appendix G: Table 2
    • For skills that have a Successful/Unsuccessful option, Table 2 was tracking all performed instances of those skills regardless of success in performing the skill. Now, only successful skills will be tracked.
    • Both the Venous Access intervention with the procedure IO and any Meds intervention performed with the route Intraosseous will count towards line item Intraosseous Infusion.
  • Appendix G: Table 3
    • The Delivery/Childbirth — Abnormal skill will count under Pediatric Patient Age for the line item Delivery with Neonatal Resuscitation.
  • Appendix G: Table 4
    • Table 4, Column 2 is now tracking both Summative and Formative Patient Scenarios for credit.
    • Rhythm interpretation is not required for any CPR skills credit.
  • Graduation Requirement Report
    • The Report is now tracking Cardiac Arrest Impressions under the Cardiac Arrest category.
  • Previously, when preceptors were signing off on shifts, they were unlocking shifts accidentally when the Lock Shift checkbox was not selected. Now locked shifts will remain locked when preceptors sign off on the shift, regardless of the status of any other checkboxes.
  • The Preceptor Training Report now lists the training completion date for all users.
  • The time zone selected by the program is now reflected throughout the platform.

An updated Appendix G Quick Reference Guide may be found here. If you have any questions about the new features and fixes, please contact the Fisdap Instructor Hotline, 612-877-7251.

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