June 30, 2015

With the release of the latest version of Fisdap Mobile, we're very excited to introduce a brand new feature for the desktop application, as well as a plethora of small improvements for Skills Tracker.

Shift Attachments

This new feature allows students to attach photos, PDFs, and more to their documentation inside Fisdap.

  • On the ambulance, snap a photo of an ECG strip and add it to your shift.
  • Attach photos of paper shift documentation to make entering your data later on easier.
  • In the lab, snap a photo of scenario moulage or the notes on the whiteboard.

After you're home from your shift, easily access your attachments via the full desktop application.

Depending on your program’s settings, you may even be able to use a photo of your signed shift documentation as preceptor sign-off for your shift. This creates an easily maintained digital record for physical signatures, stored at no extra cost inside Fisdap.

This option is off by default. Instructors: to enable attachments signoff, edit your Skills Tracker settings. To turn this setting on, you must have "Edit Program Settings" permission.

Want to attach files on the go? Download Fisdap Mobile, available on Google Play. Coming soon on iOS!

A Facelift for Skills Tracker

As you enter or review patient data in Skills Tracker, you'll notice a number of small improvements. We've implemented new icons for preceptor signoff, shift lock/unlock, comments, attachments, and shift delete.

From the shift list, these new icons dynamically show the number of attachments and comments on each shift. You can also see which shifts have late documentation right from the shift list.

Inside patient care and shift signoff, we've added a card at the top of the page that displays your shift info, an easy reminder of which shift's data you're editing.

Finally, across shift types (Field, Clinical, and Lab shifts), we've unified the button to add a patient care record. What was formerly +Run, +Assessment, and +Scenario is now simply +Patient.