The following abstract was developed at the 2006 Research Summit and presented at the 2006 NAEMSE symposium.

The Effect of Paramedic Student Internship Experience on Performance on the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Exam

Joshua Salzman, BS,EMT-B; Justin Dillingham, MPA, NREMT-P; Jenny Kobersteen, RN; Kory Kaye, MD, FACEP; David Page, MS, NREMT-P

IntroductionParamedic students are exposed to numerous patient contacts during their required internship experience. There is no current research examining paramedic student internship experience in relation to success on the written portion of the National Registry Examination (NRE-W).

Hypothesis: There is a positive association between paramedic student internship CI = 0.00–0.20, p = 0.047). These variable were also predictors for passing the NRE-W (odds ratio = 1.015, 95% CI = 1.005–1.025; OR = 1.003, 95% CI = 1.000–1.006).

Conclusions: The number of ALS runs students completed was the strongest predictor of passing the NRE-W. Interestingly, the number of hours students spent in the field and in the hospital were not associated with passing the NRE-W. Paramedic programs may want to evaluate the number of ALS runs and total patient contacts their students are currently completing. Additional research is needed to determine if a specific combination of field internship variables exists that can increase the likelihood
of paramedic students passing the NRE-W.