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Set high standards for your students.

With every run, patient contact, IV, and vital sign documented in Fisdap, you can ensure and verify your students are meeting the customized requirements of your program as you define them, based on the National Education Standards.  Our online Skills Tracker guides students through entering their complete internship experiences--and, with Fisdap Mobile, they can even fill out a PCR “on the go.”

Their information is safely stored in our database so that you can reference it, give students timely feedback, and coach them to meet your school's competency requirements.

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Show your dedication to quality improvement.

Our comprehensive, customizable evaluation system makes record keeping simple. Preceptors and students can evaluate each other, the program, your field sites, and more. Use our NREMT Skill Sheets to evaluate students performing skills in the lab setting. Finally, because our evals are always time-stamped upon completion, your eval summaries will prove continual involvement, over time.

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Provide thorough documentation.

Clear, concise Fisdap reports show your compliance with the CoAEMSP’s standards in a professional, easy to read way. Our Accreditation Reports are easy to complete and provide the information you need for Appendices E-H in the accreditation self-study applications. Your job is easier when you make your site visitor's job easier. Quickly generate and print reports that summarize your students' internship: progress towards goals, hours log, and skills reports.

Simply hitting “print” isn’t enough — site visitors want to know that you know what’s in your reports.  And, of course, understanding what your program's strengths and weaknesses are is the first step in making improvements to your program.

Prepare your students for a challenging certification exam.

Fisdap exams are valid, reliable assessment tools. They test the national standards and expose students to critical thinking questions, like those encountered on the NREMT cognitive exam. After each attempt, students receive a Learning Prescription (a custom study plan) to focus their remediation efforts.

Our rigorous test development process and detailed analysis meet the standards necessary for accreditation.

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Make sure your students have the best mentors.

The CoAEMSP wants to know: Are you training the preceptors who will be training your students? Our CECBEMS-approved Clinical Educator Training course teaches preceptors how to be better role models and mentors. Clinical Educator Training focuses on adult education theory, including listening techniques and how to give feedback.

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Our Mission: Save Your Bacon

An excited customer called us after his site visit to tell us he was relieved because Fisdap had really "saved his bacon." We were so flattered - we just had to adopt the expression!

Since then, we've been dreaming up new ways to save your bacon.

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