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We're excited to announce the release of the AEMT Readiness Exam 1 (ARE1). Like all Fisdap exams, the ARE1 has gone through our rigorous content validation phase.  To gain access to this exam, your students will need to purchase the product called AEMT Comprehensive Exams. It offers 2 attempts at the AEMT Readiness Exam, and of course, must be delivered to students in a secure, proctored environment.

This new comprehensive exam reflects the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines and the new Education Standards. The exam contains 200 multiple choice questions that have been reviewed by at least 3 subject matter experts and a board certified Emergency Medicine physician. It covers the 6 content areas: Airway, Cardiology, EMS Operations, Medical Emergencies, Trauma, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics.  The exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions made up of  85% adult items and 15% pediatric items covering the depth and breadth of the AEMT curriculum, piloted by over 1400 students over a 2 year period.

All Fisdap comprehensive exams offer a positive predictive value (PPV) of success on the NREMT certification exam-- usually about 97% students who pass our comprehensive exams at a given cut score pass the NREMT on the first try.


All Fisdap exams are:



  Each of our tests go through an intensive review by EMS educators and physicians.



  Proctoring the exam protects the exam security for your students and all our other Fisdap users.



  Not all tests are created equal: there are good ones and bad ones. To make ours good, we use classical test theory to make sure all of our exams are effective and fair.

An emphasis on critical thinking questions is what makes our exams different.

Our exams are intentionally challenging. The Registry evaluates students with problem solving, scenario-based questions, and so do we. Exposing students (early and often) to questions that assess more than whether students read the chapter will prepare them for the Registry and, more importantly, competency in their jobs.

Predictive of NREMT success

Over 97% of students who pass our secure comprehensive exams pass the NREMT on the first attempt.

Two attempts at each test

Each of our comprehensive exit exams comes with two attempts: an inital attempt and a reattempt.

Instant feedback


It takes a village


Exam security

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The Learning Prescription shows you and your students how they performed on the test. The Learning Prescription outlines the different topics students missed, which will help them focus when they're studying.

Use the Group Learning Prescription to evaluate how the students performed as a class. Target the class's collective weaknesses when you plan your review.


If you've ever tried it, you know that writing a valid and reliable exam is difficult and involves a lot of time and effort. A good exam cannot be created alone. You can work with us or rely on the village of educators who help build our exams.

We have years of experience developing exams with the support of subject matter experts from around the country.  Many of these subject matter experts even have experience writing for high stake exams, like the NREMT.


To protect exam security, we require that all exams be given in a proctored environment. Take advantage of this!

Simulate a high stakes exam environment in your school's computer lab by using an unfamiliar proctor and asking students to wear their uniforms and show two forms of ID.


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