Open Airways

As EMS responders, we witness life events that are both tragic and inspiring. Our experiences reveal the strength of the human spirit and motivate us to achieve greater heights.

Open Airways is a project to collect and record an oral, EMS history. In an ongoing series of podcasts, EMS providers share their most meaningful cases -- sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope these stories will improve our practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers.

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Bird's Dead

June 23, 2008

"One particularly busy evening we got up--I think it was about 2 o'clock in the morning--my partner Gary and I had an unknown medical..." In this episode, Jeff Pollakoff from UCLA tells us an amusing story about an unusual call that taught him to always remember his radio. Click below to hear the whole story!

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Rural Cardiac Arrest

May 1, 2008

"While I was starting the IV she looked at me and she said... 'John, I don't think that I am going to be here much longer' and she literally went into arrest in front of me while I was starting the IV." Click below to listen to the rest of this incredible story from John Todaro.

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Never Let Your Guard Down

April 1, 2008

"I turned around to look and the only other door that was around was double deadbolt locked. So, I did not have any place to go..." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from John Tippet.

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The Cruelty of Humans

July 25, 2011
"You just never really what to expect when you get to a scene." When paramedic Rick Anderson was called to the scene of a roll-over car accident, he was shocked by the actions of one of the bystanders.
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The Downwind Walk

July 11, 2011
"We were standing at the base camp and there was no forward motion, no forward plan. The city was brought to its knees like a prizefighter that was just out of his breath." EMS educator Steve Kanarian shares some of his experiences as a paramedic in New York City on 9/11. Read more at Steve's blog.
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